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Alberta Temperatures and Precipitation Updates

The exceptionally warm air mass that moved through Alberta in late June and early July set record highs for multiple days in many areas of the province.

Maximum recorded temperatures (Map 1 and Map 2)

The highest recorded temperature on June 30 was at Richardson Auto at 41.64*C with Loon River Auto in a close second at 41.32*C. The higher temperatures were more concentrated in the Peace Region and Northern edge of the Rocky Mountains (Map 1).

Keane Auto was the hottest recorded location on July 1 with a temperature of 40.50*C and Richardson Auto, the previous day’s location, was also in a close second at 40.42*C. Special mention goes to the Medicine Hat area receiving temperatures of over 39*C for this day as well. (Map 2)

Precipitation July 1 and 2 (Map 3)

A modest amount of precipitation fell in the Northwestern tip of the province. To note, the M.D. of Greenview station Mistanusk Auto accumulated more than 50 mm for this period. The Peace, Northwest, some isolated areas among the Rockies and South sections received meager amounts while the majority of the province continued with dry conditions. 

Precipitation June 28 to July 2 (Map 4)

June 28 to July 2 saw a continuation of the dry spell with the majority of the province not receiving relief during these 5 days. The Northwest corner of the province and most Northern areas of the Rockies were the only areas to see over 30 mm during this period.

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