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County Offers Support For Agriculture Gopher Control

Richardson ground squirrels (gophers) usually emerge from hibernation in mid-March. If you’re considering a control program this year, you’ll want to begin soon. Since males emerge first (and the breeding season commences immediately), severe infestations may be prevented with early intervention.

Many preventative and control methods are used, including perching poles for hawks and owls, maintaining taller pasture and grass lengths, rotation of crops to disturb the burrow systems, shooting, trapping, and baiting, etc. Unfortunately, no one method will prevent or solve high infestation problems, but considering multiple options can help you control gopher populations more effectively.

If baiting is one of the choices you’re considering, timing is crucial.

If you’re a farmer or rancher in Rocky View, anti-coagulant baits such as Rozol RTU are available at local farm supply outlets.

Rocky View County also carries the 2% liquid strychnine which is available to bonafide farmers and ranchers who have land with economically significant Richardson Ground Squirrel populations. Farmers and Ranchers must read and follow all the requirements listed below:

  • Must read and follow all the label directions.
  • No bait stations or above ground baiting is allowed.
  • All holes being baited must be covered and the area must be monitored for dead on a daily basis.  Dead gophers must be collected and buried.
  • 2% LSC bottles and mixed product must be stored in a secure and locked location.
  • While mixing and baiting, long pants, long sleeved shirt, protective gloves, mask and goggles should be worn.
  • Product must not be used where swift fox, burrowing owl or any other species at risk are located.
  • Non-target poisoning and problems are to be reported to the seller who is then to fill out PMRA’s incident report form.

The purchase of this product can be done at the County Hall, Thursdays and Fridays from March 28, 2019 until June 28, 2019. All sales will be subject to product availability.

For more information please call 403-230-1401.

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