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MD of Bighorn 'Before the Plate' Screening

We hear things on a daily basis about where our food comes from. Most of the time, the news is pretty grim. Bad news sells. But what if we step back? What if we looked at the whole picture? What if we could literally see what it takes to get food to our plate. Back in 2016 that is what we set out to do. Relentless in our efforts to get the honest truth and the farmers perspective, we started on a journey; the journey of our food. After 32 days of shooting, 10,000 km driven, and eight farm operations followed, we landed up back at the plate where we started.

Starring John Horne, executive chef of the downtown Toronto restaurant Canoe, Before the Plate showcases 10 ingredients from planting to cooking and everything in between, to help better connect the modern consumer with their food. The film challenges modern myths about farming and reveals the obstacles the industry faces as it moves forward.

Date: May 30, 2019
Location: artsPlace, Canmore
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