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Rocky View County’s Green Acreages Guide Program

The Green Acreages Guide was put together by the Land Stewardship Center in Edmonton and Rocky View County’s Agricultural Services department is here to get the information out and assist residents. The Green Acreages Guide Program provides comprehensive information to owners of acreages and recreational properties so they can have a better understanding of what it means to steward their rural property.

The Green Acreages Guide is a hands-on workbook that helps landowners identify stewardship practices that will help conserve and protect the valuable natural assets associated with their property. It is also a way to manage their property to protect their investments and the environment. The guide has several chapters that focus on a specific issue and have background information, relevant legislation, and worksheets that evaluate current property management. These worksheets will allow landowners to assess the environmental risk specific to their property and choose the best and most applicable management option for their particular situation.

If you are interested in receiving and completing a Green Acreages Guide workbook, contact Delaney McNaughton at or 403-520-3952.

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