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Growing Forward 2 Update

The current agricultural policy framework, known as Growing Forward 2, expires March 31, 2018 and will be replaced by a five-year $3 billion federal-provincial-territorial funding agreement known as CAP (Canadian Agricultural Policy). Agriculture ministers from across Canada have reached an agreement on the core elements of the next agriculture policy framework, which include the following six priority areas:

  1. Science, research and innovation
  2. Markets and trade
  3. Environmental sustainability and climate change
  4. Value-added agriculture and processing
  5. Public trust
  6. Risk management

Currently there are a few Growing Forward 2 programs that are open for producers to submit applications to and many more will be available to producers come April 2018 when CAP is released. The current programs open for applications are the following:

  • Irrigation Efficiency
  • Livestock Welfare Processor
  • On-Farm Solar Photovoltaics
  • On-Farm Water Management
  • Traceability Technology Adoption

Growing Forward 2 Program information and CAP updates may be viewed at At this link you can also view and subscribe to receive email updates for programs that are currently closed to applications.

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