Active Transportation Plans

Active Transportation Plan: South County


Active Transportation can be defined as any form of transportation that is human powered. Typically, walking and cycling are the most common types of active transportation enjoyed in Rocky View County. These activities are performed within an active transportation network inclusive of facilities such as roads, sidewalks, pathways and trails.

The Active Transportation Plan: South County was approved by Council on October 23, 2018, and provides direction on priorities and tools to be used when assessing future proposals for establishing a connected network of on- and off-street facilities within new and established communities located in the plan area, where walking and cycling is a safe and accessible choice for all users.

This plan is the County’s inaugural active transportation plan, developed with respect to technical requirements and feedback provided by stakeholders which supports a continued commitment to developing conditions, policies, and active transportation infrastructure that serves the needs of all current and future communities.

Plan Resources

  • Pathway Development Process (PDF)
    These guidelines provide a summary of the steps and requirements for planning, designing and implementing new pathways in Rocky View County. The guidelines apply to regional pathways, bicycle facilities within a road right-of-way or any pathway that will ultimately be maintained by the County.
  • Active Transportation Facility Guidelines (PDF)
    This technical document identifies and presents various bicycle facilities to be considered for inclusion into the development of an active transportation network.

The following documents are resource materials which assisted in the development of the plan and helped to identify critical needs and ultimately inform implementation priorities.


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