The Weed Control Act of Alberta directs that all landowners are responsible for keeping weeds under control. This also includes the County. The County is responsible for controlling weeds on properties under County control, and directing private landowners/tenants to do so on their properties as well.

Weed notices may be issued to landowners, and measures to control growth and seed production are strictly enforced.

Problem Weeds

Weeds are categorized as "noxious" and "prohibited noxious" when they are aggressive, difficult to manage and invasive in nature. These weeds:

  • infest pastures and crops
  • alter natural habitats
  • detrimental to livestock health
  • compete with our native plants
  • affect animal, insect and bird species
  • are costly to control

View the full list of problem weeds in the county, along with identification and control methods.

Weed Control Program

The County conducts roadside weed control on a tri-annual basis (three-year rotation). The use of herbicides is the most cost-effective means to do this. All herbicide applications are made by certified applicators, and follow the best practices, handling, safety and standards as set out by Alberta Environment and the Industrial Vegetation Management Association of Alberta.

Residents who do not want roadsides along their property treated with herbicides may enter into an opt-out agreement with the County. This agreement places all responsibility for weed control in the ditches onto the landowner. For further details, contact Agricultural Services at 403-230-1401.

Weed Inspections

Agricultural Services believes that early detection and rapid response is the most effective method of managing invasive plants.

The employment of seasonal weed inspectors and the use of new technology assist Agricultural Services in maintaining an effective, long term weed control program.

Computer software allows the mapping and tracking of infestations from year to year, provides a snapshot of affected areas within the county, and calculates increases and decreases in infestations. Implementation and use of this technology assists Agricultural Services in developing an effective, long term weed control program.

Pasture Sprayer Rental

The County has a pasture sprayer available for rent to agricultural producers who are experiencing problems with noxious or prohibited noxious weeds. This sprayer has the capability to spray a 50 foot width with two boomless nozzles and is designed for use in pastures where traditional sprayers can’t access.

For more information about the pasture sprayer or to book it please contact agricultural services at 403-230-1401.

How We Can Help

Agricultural Services is available to work with residents to prevent and resolve weed control issues. We can assist by identifying plant species and presenting solutions based on resident and County experience, along with research results using various weed control methods.

Call Agricultural Services at 403-230-1401 if:

  • You have concerns about weeds on a property.
  • You would like a consultation on weeds on your property.
  • You want to drop off a weed sample for identification. (Please call prior to coming in, if you require immediate identification.)
  • You want a list of local herbicide or pest control applicators in your area.