Road & Subdivision Naming

All roads in the County have name or number identifiers. These form an important component in the Municipal Addressing system required for 911 emergency response and other service-oriented purposes.


New roads created by the subdivision process may or may not be named by the developer. If the developer chooses to name their development and roads, they are responsible for seeking formal approval for the naming and are responsible for all signage costs.

Usually, subdivision and road network names have local significance, either by physical characteristic or historic theme. If the roads are not named, they are numbered according to a pre-determined system.

Name Changes

Existing neighbourhoods having numbered roads or names that they wish to change, may petition to do so. For neighbourhood road name changes, the vast majority of residents on the affected roads must support the new name in order to be considered by Council. Residents are responsible for any fees and signage for these changes.

All suggested road names are circulated to affected jurisdictions and agencies to ensure compatibility.



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