Municipal Addressing

Addressing is integral to the County’s Geographic Information System and the 911 emergency response system. Regular addressing updates are forwarded to the 911 control center to ensure that they have the most current information and are able to effectively co-ordinate a response in all emergency situations.

Canada Post is continuing to adopt the County’s municipal addressing system for mail delivery. This information will soon appear on certificates of title as real estate passes from owner to owner.

House numbers are assigned by the County and become active upon the issuance of Building Permits in the case of new construction. All existing properties were assigned addresses in 1997.


House Number Street Name
44183 Township Road 274
27 Mountain View Estates
282209 Range Road 54A

Posting Your Address

It is very important, whether in rural or urban areas, that addresses are posted correctly and are easily visible from the road. This is for the safety of all residents so that fire, ambulance or police can find the property in case of emergency. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure their address remains visible does not get overgrown by trees, shrubs, etc.

To aid in the timely response from any emergency services, callers are requested to verify their full address (house number and street name) to the 911 dispatch operator and the address must be posted correctly and in plain view from the road.

Signage Standards

  • Numbers are not to be less than 2.75 inches (70 mm) in height.
  • Signs should be mounted on a light-reflective panel, not less than 8 x 12 inches (20.5 x 30.5 cm).
  • Letters and panel should have contrasting colors.
  • In urban areas the proper address shall be posted in a conspicuous place no higher than the first story of a dwelling.
  • In rural areas the proper address shall be posted in a conspicuous place either on a sign adjacent to the driveway at property line or on the mail or paper delivery box.

For further information see:

Address Inquiries

The following information is required to get a new address or confirm an existing address:

  • Legal land description (i.e.: SW 16-52-21-W4 or Lot, Block, Plan)
  • Tax roll number

Postal Codes

Canada Post assigns all postal codes. Rocky View County does not create the postal codes and therefore do not give out postal codes. To receive the correct postal code for a property, please contact Canada Post directly at 1.900.565.2633 (fees apply) or online at A current address is required for Canada Post to determine a postal code.


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