Parks & Open Space Master Plan

The County's Parks and Open Space Master Plan is a 25-year strategy providing an overarching vision for the County in making future open space, parks and trail decisions.

The plan was approved by Council on May 31, 2011, and reflects the input gathered from residents through an extensive public consultation process.


Rocky View County’s diverse network of parks and open spaces are accessible, connected, inviting and safe. They enrich our quality of life through natural area preservation, education and partnerships while offering exciting recreational opportunities. They both connect and cultivate our communities.


The plan provides guidance for open spaces, including:

  • long-term development of the County’s parks and open spaces
  • establishing goals
  • recommendations and policies addressing Rocky View County’s five unique regions
  • strategies to ensure wildlife habitat are protected
  • strategies to ensure pathways/trails and public access are planned to minimize wildlife impacts.

Additionally, the plan recommends methods of managing the County’s parks and open space systems to ensure specific outcomes are addressed, such as social needs, pathway/trail design options and standards, demographic considerations, and future open space acquisitions.



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