The County is exploring the possibility of developing a multi-use pathway from the City of Calgary limits to Highway 22, along the Highway 8 corridor. (View a map of the proposed route)

Rocky View County identified this proposed alignment (PDF) as part of the Parks and Open Space Master Plan.

Alberta TrailNet has also identified the alignment from the City to Bragg Creek, along the Highway 8 corridor, as an essential linkage in the TransCanada Trail network, with 2017 as their goal for coast to coast completion. Alberta Transportation has indicated that Highway 8 will be twinned from Highway 22 to 101 St SW in the City, so the timing has never been better to explore the option of developing the pathway to coincide with the twinning project.

The County committed to an extensive public engagement process to identify and understand all of the issues associated with the proposed regional pathway. The County and consulting firm, AECOM hosted three open houses where the public provided feedback regaring the proposed pathway. A great deal of the feedback generated during the public engagement process helped develop the proposed alignment contained within the Proposed Highway 8 Regional Pathway Report.

If you have any further questions pertaining to the Proposed Highway 8 Pathway Project or if you would like to assist with moving the project closer to reality contact:

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why build a pathway next to the Highway? Why not look at options along the Elbow River?

The Highway 8 corridor from Calgary to Bragg Creek has become a popular cyclist route over time. Because of the popularity of this route and feedback gathered during the County’s Parks and Open Space Master Plan, the alignment was identified conceptually within the Master Plan. Although an alignment along the Elbow River would be a beautiful recreational corridor, there are several challenges associated with flooding, private landownership, and emergency services access. There are several great examples of locating pathways adjacent to highways including the Canmore to Banff Legacy Pathway, The Friendship Trail between Black Diamond and Turner Valley, and the Banded Peak Pathway between the community centre and the Banded Peak Elementary School in Bragg Creek.

2. What are the benefits of the pathway?

  • Improving range of recreational opportunities for non-motorized activities
  • Encourages active living and improved physical health
  • Provide an alternative mode of transportation
  • Enhances the appreciation of our cultural heritage and natural environment
  • Contributes to economic development through increased tourism and enhanced visitor experience
  • Provide a recreational amenity for other non-motorized uses (running, inline skating, walking), will connect to existing pathways within the City of Calgary including the future Calgary Greenway and Clearwater Legacy Park.

3. When will the pathway will be built?

Construction of the proposed pathway will be subject to funding and twinning of Highway 8 by Alberta Transportation. To capitalize on economies of scale and to minimize the disturbance to the landscape and adjacent residential communities, the ideal time to construct the pathway should coincide with the twinning project. For more information on the twinning of Highway 8 please contact Alberta Transportation.

4. Is this just a bike path?

  • The pathway is intended to be multi-use
  • 2.5 - 3 metres wide, paved and are shared by people walking, in wheelchairs, pushing strollers, running, inline skating and cycling
  • A centre strip is typically painted down the middle to indicate the pathway is intended for 2 way traffic, and faster users (cyclists) can safely pass slower users (walkers)

5. Is the pathway just going to terminate at Highway 22?

The long-term plan, as outlined in the County’s Parks and Open Space Master Plan, is to have a multi-use regional pathway from the City of Calgary to Bragg Creek and eventually into Kananasksis Country. Planning and construction will occur in phases. The County is currently working with a number of stakeholders on the pathway.

6. Will the pathway be maintained year round?

Maintenance and operation details have not been defined to date and will be examined in more detail as the project progresses.


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Parks & Open Space Master Plan

The County's Parks and Open Space Master Plan is a 25-year strategy providing an overarching vision for the County in making future open space, parks and trail decisions.