The Rocky View Advantage

Rocky View County is a thriving community for business and industry. The County surrounds the City of Calgary on the north, east and west sides with a unique profile of small urban centres, hamlets and rural communities, as well as being home to significant retail, transportation and logistic hubs and warehousing facilities.

The region represents a diverse economic environment to make, market and move goods and services. Active sectors in the County include:

  • agriculture
  • manufacturing and warehousing
  • transportation and logistics
  • film
  • television and creative industries
  • supply chain management
  • suburban offices and business campuses
  • conventional and unconventional energy

With a robust business community and many strategic advantages, it is easy to see why the perspective on Rocky View County shows a well-equipped location for all types of business ventures.

For information on Rocky View County’s economic recovery and resilience in response to COVID-19, view the Economic Recovery Task Force report and recommendations (PDF).

Read the findings from the 2022 focus groups held on Rocky View County’s Economic Development direction, here.


Aaron Latimer
Manager, Economic Development