Rocky View County has clear direction for the next 5 years

Rocky View County Council has released a refreshed five-year strategy to establish a clear vision for the community's future. 

The new, Council approved, Strategic Plan for 2023-2027 is driven by four focus areas:  

  • Effective Service Delivery, 
  • Financial Prosperity,  
  • Thoughtful Growth, 
  • Rocky View Lifestyle.  

These focus areas acknowledge the importance of preserving the County’s rural roots while addressing the needs of its citizens and positioning the County for growth. 

Throughout the planning process, Council consistently challenged themselves with tough questions to ensure the Strategic Plan was both aspirational and practical. Their goal was to produce a plan that is responsible, clear to residents, and timely — with an aim to include the wisdom of past Councils as well as the vision of the present Council. 

“We identified the need to modify our existing themes to better reflect our strategic intent,” said Rocky View County Reeve, Crystal Kissel. “Recognizing the diversity in Rocky View County, we wanted to include the unique lifestyles, while emphasizing the opportunities it presents. We also wanted to have the ability to measure and monitor the progress of our strategy, which is reflected in a set of key performance indicators that will be shared in a new County Accountability Report.” 

This strategy also provides a framework to better align the work of County administration with Council, which will allow the County to operate more efficiently and better serve residents.  

“We understand the depth of responsibility that comes with ensuring the financial prosperity of our county, advocating for thoughtful growth, ensuring effective service delivery, while preserving the unparalleled Rocky View lifestyle,” Kissel said. “At its core, this strategy is a commitment to our community.” 

Progress on the new Strategic Plan will be publicly shared at Council meetings through a County Accountability Report. 

Read the Strategic plan here: Strategic-Plan.pdf ( 

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