Council Approves 2023 Budget with Lower Tax Increase

April 13, 2023 – Rocky View County Council has approved the 2023 Operating and Capital Budget with a 3% tax increase, which is lower than the 6% initially proposed in the base budget. 

“As a responsible government, we have taken every possible measure to minimize the impact of an increase on our taxpayers”, says Mayor Crystal Kissel. “Our goal is to ensure that every dollar of this budget increase is used effectively and efficiently to improve the lives of our residents and business owners.” 

The County's 2023 Operating and Capital Budget covers the day-to-day costs of delivering services such as roads, parks, emergency services, and municipal enforcement. It also allows for important capital projects to proceed or continue. Some of the highlights of this budget include the replacement of aging bridges, maintenance and upgrades of roads throughout the County, support for active and priority storm water drainage projects, additional planning resources, funding for the replacement of aging fleet equipment for Fire, Enforcement, and Operations divisions, an increase in per capita library board funding, financial support for local Chambers and Business Associations, and a transfer of approximately $2.2 million to the Tax Stabilization Reserve. 

Mayor Kissel says, "This budget was developed and approved with careful consideration of public feedback. We understand that any increase may pose challenges for some of our residents and business owners, however we also understand that taxpayers expect Council to support a responsible budget that will allow us to deliver on our commitments now and into the future." 

Visit our website to learn more about the budgeting process or property taxes. Residents can contact Rocky View County at 403-230-1401 or to obtain information specific to their assessment and tax bill. 

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