Council Approves 2023 Operating and Capital Budget

Rocky View County Council has approved the 2023 Operating and Capital Base Budget following public feedback and deliberation. This budget outlines how municipal tax dollars will be used for 2023 and allows important projects to proceed or continue.

The budget addresses inflationary needs being faced by the County and includes a potential annual change of 6% in the municipal tax collected. Council will make a final decision on the actual tax increase in the spring when the 2023 budget is finalized.

Mayor Crystal Kissel says, "I want to thank residents for their feedback throughout this year’s budget process. In response to what we’ve heard, we’ve approved a fiscally responsible budget that has taken the necessary measures to ensure that Rocky View County will continue to prioritize and protect the services that people rely on while investing in projects where they are needed the most.”

This budget allows for core programs and services to continue and expand where necessary. It also allows for a fully funded Capital Program that will see road surfaces and utilities replaced in a timely fashion, all in support of a growing municipality.

The County's Operating Budget involves the day-to-day costs of delivering municipal services and programs such as emergency services, municipal enforcement, roads, and parks. More background on the County's finances and documents can be found here.

Key highlights of the 2023 Capital Budget include:

  • Replacement of aging bridges and widening of roads across the County.
  • Drainage infrastructure upgrades to reduce potential flooding within the hamlet of Langdon.
  • Fire, Enforcement, and Operations aging fleet and equipment replacement.

Council will review and approve a final 2023 budget in the spring. Once this occurs, tax rates are set, and assessment notices are mailed. Residents can visit our website to learn more about their property taxes and contact Rocky View County to obtain information specific to their assessment and tax bill.

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