Council Decisions: May 17, 2022

Here is a brief summary of the decisions of Rocky View County Council at the May 17, 2022 Council Meeting. This is a general overview of decisions only. Details of the agenda items can be found in the meeting’s agenda and details on the specifics of the decisions can be found in the minutes of this meeting, both on the Meetings & Hearings page. Details are also available by contacting Legislative Services at the County.

General Business

  • Council directed Administration to implement the temporary road closure of Range Road 294 north of Township Road 264 (Sharp Hill) to accommodate construction of the 40th Ave Interchange in the City of Airdrie, based on road count data, traffic monitoring, and feedback from the community. This includes the installation of an emergency-only access gate at the south end of the community, along Twp Rd 264 and Stage Coach Trail. Residents of Sharp Hill will be notified in advance of the closure with additional warning signage located at both the north and south entrances to the community. Additional information is available on the Road Updates page.
  • Council provided an update on the latest activities regarding municipal and community committees including the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board. Specific details can be reviewed on the meeting’s livestream video.
  • Council received, for information, an update on the 2022 Council Priorities and Significant Issues list, including all active, ongoing and pending priorities and initiatives to assist council on the status of business items.

Planning and Development

  • Division 7 – File: PL20220005 (03215001/004/005), Bylaw C-8271-2022, Conceptual Scheme Item: Proposed amendments to Bridges of Langdon Conceptual Scheme including replacing commercial and medium density residential uses in Phase 2 with low density residential use; reducing low density residential areas across the Conceptual Scheme, including removal of a Manufactured Housing area, and assigning a greater area of medium density residential areas, resulting in the increase of residential density and total number of residential lots; and relocating the Phase 2 commercial site to the south centre in Phase 10. Considered under the Langdon Area Structure Plan, Bridges of Langdon Conceptual Scheme, and in conjunction with File PL20210185 (03215001/004/005) below. Approved as amended.
  • Division 7 – File: PL20210185 (03215001/004/005), Bylaw C-8270-2022, Redesignation Item: To redesignate ± 8.88 hectares (± 21.96 acres) of the subject lands from Agricultural, General District to Residential, Mid-Density Urban District with a setback modifier indicated by “s”, and Special, Parks and Recreation District, to facilitate the creation of 86 residential lots and six (6) Municipal Reserve lots; and Land Use Bylaw text amendment to accommodate reduced side yard setbacks to 1.5 m on both sides. Considered under the Langdon Area Structure Plan, Bridges of Langdon Conceptual Scheme, and in conjunction with File PL20220005 (03215001/004/005) above. Approved.
  • Council approved a motion related to an emergent business item added to the Meeting’s agenda regarding Business Live-Work District land use. As Administration is currently processing 16 land use amendment applications proposing redesignation to the Business Live-Work District, Council directed Administration to not schedule any bylaw proposing this type of redesignation of a property’s land use, until Administration has presented its report on the Business Live-Work District review, scheduled on or before September 13, 2022, with the exception of bylaws already having been publicized and proceeding to Public Hearing on May 31, 2022. Refer to the May 10 Council Meeting for additional background.
  • Division 3 – File: PL20210172 (10013010-10013320), Bylaw C-8254-2021, Textual Amendment Item: To amend to Direct Control Bylaw C-6586-2007 (DC 123) to allow Vacation Rental as a use. Considered under the Cottage Club Ghost Lake Conceptual Scheme. Refused.

First Readings

  • Division 3 – File: PL20210157 (10025001), Bylaw C-8260-2022, Redesignation Item: To redesignate the subject lands from Agricultural, General District to Agricultural, Small Parcel District in order to facilitate the creation of a ± 28.82 hectare (± 71.22 acre) parcel with a ± 27.26 hectare (± 67.36 acre) remainder. First Reading approved.
  • Division 3 – File: PL20220010 (06826030), Bylaw C-8306-2022, Redesignation Item: To redesignate the subject lands from Residential, Rural District to Residential, Country Residential District to allow for the future subdivision of one ±0.81 hectare (±2.00 acre) parcel, with a ±0.81 hectare (±2.00 acre) remainder. First Reading approved.

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