Community Recreation Funding Deadline Nears

Rocky View County is accepting applications for Operational, Capital, and Community Enhancement Funding under our Community Recreation Funding Grant program.

Funds are available for non-profit organizations incorporated under the Societies Act or the Agricultural Services Act, and whose objectives include servicing the recreation needs of the community. The deadline to apply is 4 p.m., Tuesday, March 1, 2022.

Organizations have the opportunity to apply for funding through two streams:

Community Recreation Funding:

  1. Operational Grant: funding for routine functioning and activities of a program, service, or facility, such as, but not limited to, operational costs, utilities, and insurance.
  2. Capital Grant: funding for an expenditure creating future benefits, a fixed asset, a tangible item (bricks and mortar), or a one-time facility rental and recreational programming software expense.

Community Enhancement Funding:

Community Groups may apply for funding for initiatives that fall under the following categories:

  1. Heritage Awareness: support tangible initiatives to promote and preserve the County’s history.
  2. Volunteer Development: grants support investment back into the community through volunteerism.
  3. Arts and Festivals: support organizations and festivals in their efforts to provide quality arts programming.
  4. Community Beautification: non-profit organizations and projects that beautify County communities to enhance quality of life and well-being of residents, while promoting and creating healthy communities.

For more information about grant eligibility and policy requirements, please visit the Community Recreation Funding Grant webpage or contact Recreation, Parks and Community Support at 403-230-1401 or

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