City of Calgary Proposes Annexation in Southeast Region of Rocky View County

On September 17, 2021, Rocky View County received official notice from the City of Calgary, that the City has formally initiated an annexation application for lands adjoining its eastern boundary. The proposed lands (as identified on the map) that would be incorporated into the City if the annexation is approved, are within the boundaries of:

  • North: Highway 560
  • East: Range Road 282
  • South: Canada Pacific Railway line
  • West: Range Road 284

View a map of the proposed annexation area

The proposed annexation area was identified as a future growth area in the Rocky View – Calgary Intermunicipal Development Plan, adopted by both the City and Rocky View County in 2007. The lands were identified as required for future industrial growth of the City and the annexation of these lands would see them developed within the City’s jurisdiction.

Rocky View County Council will determine its position on the proposed annexation at a future Council meeting, however, the County will participate in annexation discussions with the City in good faith. This is often a lengthy process, and the exact boundaries of the proposed annexation may be subject to minor changes over the course of discussions.

“The County will ensure that the voices of our residents are heard throughout the process, and remains committed to the best possible outcomes for our residents and businesses” said Mayor Don Kochan. As part of the process, public consultations will be undertaken, and landowners within the proposed area, as well as those within 1.6 km of the area, will receive invitations to attend one of two open houses in 2022. The County will maintain a webpage to keep residents informed throughout the process.

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