Governance & Priorities Committee Decisions: March 5, 2019

Here is a brief summary of the decisions of Rocky View County’s Governance & Priorities Committee at their March 5, 2019 meeting. This is a general overview only. Details of the full agenda and subsequent minutes can be found on the Governance & Priorities Committee page, or by contacting the County’s Municipal Clerk’s Office.

  • A presentation on the Co-operative Storm Water Management Initiative (CSMI) was received for information.
  • A presentation on Chestermere High School Athletic Field upgrades was received for information.
  • The Committee voted to rescind the Mission Statement Policy C-100, as the mission statement for the County is now part of the Strategic Planning process.
  • The Committee voted to rescind the Terms of Reference for Committees Policy C-170, as the contents are now covered under the Boards and Committees Bylaw and the Procedure Bylaw.
  • The Committee voted to approve revisions to the Procurement Policy C-203 to meet the requirements set out under the North West Trade Partnership Agreement and the Canadian Free Trade Agreement.
  • A presentation on County-Owned Water and Wastewater System operations was received for information.
  • A presentation on a Functional Planning Study for the Queen Elizabeth II Highway and Township Road 264 Interchange was received for information.

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