Wildfire in McLean Creek Area

McLean Creek Fire

Update: Tuesday, May 29, 10:45 a.m.

Fire crews have upgraded the McLean Creek / Champion Lakes area fire to the status of "being held." There is no further fire risk to the Bragg Creek area.

This will be the last message issued on this wildfire event, unless the situation unexpectedly changes.

Rocky View County thanks all Bragg Creek area residents who actively participate in their own health and safety by subscribing to the County’s Safe & Sound system and/or the Alberta Emergency Alert app.

Update: Monday, May 28, 4:15 p.m.

Fire crews continue to battle the fire in the McLean Creek / Champion Lakes  area. The fire has now been reduced to 60 hectares in size from 100.

The parameters of the fire have been treated with fire retardant or bulldozed to create barriers. There is now minimal fire activity along the parameter.

The fire is holding as is, and expected to remain that way overnight, although it is still not considered under control at this time.

There continues to be no expected threat to the Bragg Creek area this evening or into tomorrow morning. The potential impact to area residents is limited to potential air quality / smoke issues.

While you may be able to smell the fire slightly, the main smoke plume is not expected to blow towards Bragg Creek. If smoke conditions change, information will be provided through Safe & Sound and Alberta Emergency Alerts.

Please remember to avoid travel in any of the southern directions out of the Bragg Creek area due to the possibility of decreased visibility due to smoke, and the need to keep roads clear for emergency personnel.

The next update will likely be later on Tuesday morning, as the wildfire situation is not expected to change significantly over the coming hours. Remember to leave your cell phones and devices active overnight to receive alerts, just in case additional alerts are issued.

Please share this information with any of your friends and neighbours who are not subscribed to Rocky View County’s Safe & Sound system.

Update: Monday, May 28, 1:00 p.m.

The wildfire in the McLean Creek area is not yet under control. It is growing very slowly in an east-west direction.

The fire is not expected to threaten the Bragg Creek area today (Monday) or into tomorrow. The potential impact to area residents is limited to smoke, which will depend on wind direction. Rocky View County has been in contact with Alberta Health Services, and additional information will be issued should air quality become an issue.

Rocky View County is again advising Bragg Creek area residents to stay connected to local media, the County’s Safe & Sound system, and the Alberta Emergency Alert / Alert Ready system in case the situation changes. This includes keeping cell phones and similar devices active overnight, and not placing them in night/silent mode when retiring.

The public is advised to avoid travel in any of the southern directions out of the Bragg Creek area due to the possibility of decreased visibility due to smoke, and the need to keep roads clear for emergency personnel.

At this time, the wildfire is approximately 100 hectares in size, and lies about 15 km south/southwest of Bragg Creek. The fire is being aggressively attacked by air, and ground crews that are currently deploying and constructing fireguards.

The Emergency Command Centre managing the fire is well co-ordinated, with representatives from the Province, the Alberta Fire Commissioner, Alberta Wildfire, Rocky View County, the M.D. of Foothills, the Tsuut’ina First Nation, and the RCMP.

Additional updates will be issued as the situation changes.

Original Notice: Sunday, May 27

A wildfire broke out in the McLean Creek area of Kananaskis on Sunday morning, and quickly began to spread. There was some potential that the fire would threaten the Bragg Creek area, so an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) was set up by Rocky View County to manage the situation. First responders from the County's Fire Services and Enforcement Services departments were despatched to the wildfire area to work and co-ordinate with provincial officials and departments from neighbouring municipalities.

Bragg Creek area residents were placed on precautionary evacuation standby through the Safe & Sound system and the Calgary media.

Throughout the day and into the evening, the situation was monitored, plans were developed, and responses were managed, both on site and in the EOC. By late Sunday evening the fire had grown to approximately 100 hectares in size, and moved to about 16 km south of Bragg Creek, where it forced the evacuation of some areas in the Municipal District of Foothills.

By 8:30 p.m. the fire was not yet under control, but was growing and moving more slowly, and in a north-easterly direction. This reduced the threat to Bragg Creek and Rocky View County, and all-but-eliminated the risk that an evacuation would need to be undertaken overnight. Residents were updated on the situation through Safe & Sound and the Alberta Emergency Alert system, but were still encouraged to keep their cell phones active overnight in case the situation changed.

The County's EOC staff will be reassessing the situation, but barring any unforeseen circumstances it appears the threat to Bragg Creek has passed for the moment.

For some time now, Rocky View County Fire Services has been promoting a FireSmart campaign in the Bragg Creek area (and available anywhere in the County) to help every property owner take steps to reduce the ever-present risks and impacts of wildfires. You can find out more on the program by visting our FireSmart page.

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