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What is SAFE & SOUND?

Rocky View County's SAFE & SOUND is two systems in one.

  • SAFE Communities is for emergency alerts. It helps us contact you in a crisis - any emergency that might impact you or your family. You'll receive official, reliable information about what's happening and what you need to do about it.
  • SOUND Communication is for information on important activities in your area. It helps us provide you with updates on road closures, development applications, fire bans, bylaw changes, and more. You choose the topics that interest you.

How Does SAFE & SOUND Work?

When you sign up, you’ll be asked for your location. You can enter your home address and other locations important to you, such as a school, workplace, or a relative’s home. Next, you’ll be asked for any phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or text message numbers where we can reach you.

  • Emergencies: In a crisis, we’ll use your contact information to reach you with important information about what’s happening and any steps you need to take to protect you or your family.

    We’ll use all your phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or text message numbers to reach you.
  • Regular Communication: For non-emergency information, we’ll use only your primary e-mail address to send you a message when there’s information to share on the topics you’ve chosen to sign up for.

Keep Up-to-Date

Once you’ve signed up, you can change your contact details or other information at any time.


Safe & Sound Brochure

Need help? Download the Safe & Sound Brochure (PDF) for a step-by-step guide on signing up for the program and answers to common questions.

Household Emergency & Resource Guide

If you need a personal copy of the SAFE & SOUND Household Emergency & Resource Guide to fill out, hang on your fridge, or place near your phone, please email We would be happy to mail you your household copy.

You can also browse a digital preview of the guide (PDF), but make sure to get your own copy from us to fill out and keep.