Locally Grown

Locally grown food is the right choice to support local farmers, producers and the economy.

Rocky View County is home to numerous farms that grow a wide variety of foods—from a great selection of fruits and vegetables to different grains, dairies and cheeses. While the region is most famous for its beef, many local farmers also produce poultry, pork, and even beans, lentils and pulses.

Support local farmers and neighbours by buying locally produced foods from the producers, markets, restaurants and shops listed here.

Where to Find Local Food in Rocky View County


Produce and Berries

Other Products

Where to Find Local Food in Central and Southern Alberta

  • Farmers' Markets: For a map of all Approved Farmers' Markets in Alberta along with contact information, dates and times of operation, visit the Sunnygirl.ca map. Approved farmers' markets adhere to minimum standards set out by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. Approved farmers' markets display the Sunnygirl logo. In addition to approved farmers' markets, there are many public markets in Alberta. Check local listings for details.
  • Fresh from the Farm: Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association
  • Greenhouse Growers: A map of greenhouse growers involved in retail sales.
  • Agricultural Processing Industry Directory: This directory provides a comprehensive database of agricultural processing companies and industry organizations in Alberta.

Examples of Growing & Marketing Opportunities

Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) or Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is part of a growing social movement that encourages urban and rural citizens to share responsibility for the food that is grown. Consumers purchase shares in the farm operation where the farmers and consumers share the risks and benefits of food production.

Home Delivery Service

Home Delivery Service is a market channel where farmers sell their products to a "middle man" who then delivers multiple farmers' products directly to the consumers' homes or to a specific drop off point. This channel gives farmers more access to a larger client base as well as allows their customers to get the local or organic food they want in a convenient manner.

Farmers' Markets

Farmers' Markets is one of the farm direct marketing channels that allow the consumer to directly access community-based entrepreneurs (producers) who make, bake, or grow the products they sell.

On-Farm Stores

On-Farm Stores is one of the farm direct marketing channels that allows producers to deliver quality agri-food products directly to the consumer at a farm or ranch store.


Agricultural Services