Complaints Adjudicator Role

The Complaints Adjudicator: 

  • Receives, investigates, and decides on complaints about Council members
  • Makes recommendations about policies, bylaws, and training on ethical conduct standards

The Complaints Adjudicator decides how to address complaints, including: 

  • Formally investigating the complaint
  • Dismissing the complaint

If the Complaints Adjudicator determines that a Council Member was in contravention of the Council Code of Conduct Bylaw after investigating the complaint, the Complaints Adjudicator’s report will be made public and published on the Rocky View County’s website after Council considers the report and decides on sanctions, if any.  Dismissal decisions are confidential and will not be disclosed public. 


Complaints Adjudicator

262075 Rocky View Point
Rocky View County, AB
T4A 0X2