General Information

  • The permit and the approved set of building documents (issued with your permit), must be on site and available to the inspector for each inspection.
  • Building owners or agents are responsible for scheduling inspections at the specified stages of construction. Inspection bookings may be delayed if previous phases of work or pre-requisite inspections have not been completed or booked.
  • Please submit inspection requests three to five business days prior to the preferred inspection date. Requests received after 2 p.m. will be considered received on the following business day.
  • Please post municipal address adjacent to driveway, at the road. If unknown, post the lot number. Municipal addresses can be obtained by contacting Rocky View County GeoGraphics at 403.230.1401. Have the complete legal description available.
  • An inspector can request the removal of backfill or building materials that cover or enclose anything requiring inspection.
  • Cancelling inspections requires at least 24 hours’ notice.

Required Inspections: Building

The following building inspections are required for all single family, two family, and small accessory buildings. Building inspections are performed by Rocky View County.

Single Family/Two Family

  • Foundation - After concrete poured, protective coating placed and weeping tile and gravel in place, before backfill. Final inspection of sewer connection complete if applicable.
  • Framing - All framing complete, rough in of plumbing, heating, gas and electrical complete, windows installed and roofing in place. Call before installation of insulation. Design approval complete and permit issued for private sewage if applicable.
  • Final - Complete and ready for occupancy including doors, smoke alarms, railings and floor finishes. All final subtrade inspections complete.

Small Accessory Buildings

  • Framing - Framing complete, roofing and siding installed.
  • Final - If requested as a condition of permit, or if requested in the Framing Inspection Report.

Occupancy - Any Building

  • No occupancy is permitted unless the Inspector has indicated on the Inspection Report that occupancy has been granted.

Learn more:

Required Inspections: Subtrades

The following subtrades inspections are required for all single family, two family, and small accessory buildings. Subtrades inspections are performed by Davis Inspection Services. (Langdon Sewer Connections are inspected by Rocky View Utilities Corp.)


  • Rough In - Wiring complete to all fixture locations and boxes in place, and panel in place.
  • Final - All fixtures wired in, smoke detectors installed, and panel completely connected and circuits labelled.


  • Rough In - Drain, waste and vent piping below slab in place to outside of building. Main stack in place.
  • Final - All fixtures connected and operating.


  • Rough In - All lines to all appliances in place, capped off and lines pressurized with pressure gauge in place.
  • Final - All appliances connected and operating.

Sewer Service

  • A sewer service connection inspection is required prior to backfilling.

Private Sewage

  • Must be inspected before backfill is complete. Inspector must be able to determine length of laterals, depth of bedding, type of field used and depth of gravel cover. Septic tank must be in place and connected to field and building. If installation is covered prior to inspection, removal of backfill to expose portions may be required.

Learn more: Inspection Requirements - Subtrades Permits (PDF)

Cancel An Inspection

Cancellations of booked inspections must be submitted no later than 12 p.m. the day before the scheduled inspection.

  • Late cancellations are subject to additional inspection fees.
  • Outstanding inspection fees must be paid prior to booking any further inspections on the project.

Building Permit Inspection Cancellations:

Please login to your MyBuild Portal account to request, cancel or view an inspection.

*If your permit was NOT submitted via MyBuild Portal, please email to cancel.

Subtrade Permit Inspection Cancellations:

(Plumbing, Gas, Electrical, Private Sewage, Sewer Connection):

  • Call 403.275.3338 (Davis Inspections)

Langdon Sewer Connection Permit Cancellation:

  • Call 403.936.8744 (Rocky View Utilities Corp.)


Building Permit & Hydronic Inspections
(Inspected by Rocky View County)

Subtrades Permit Inspections

(Plumbing, Gas, Electrical, Private Sewage, Sewer Connection- Inspected by Davis Inspections)

Langdon Sewer Connection Permit Inspections
(Inspected by Rocky View Utilities Corp.)

  • Call 403.936.8744