The Agriculture Master Plan (PDF) identifies a long-term vision for supporting both existing agricultural operations and providing new opportunities for diversification of the County’s agriculture sector. In addition, it informs future planning decisions and policy development related to the agriculture industry.

The plan was approved by Council on November 29, 2011, and includes 35 recommendations to fulfill its vision for the future.


Rocky View County is a community where agriculture is valued and respected. The agriculture industry is flourishing through innovation and diversification and is promoted and recognized as vital to the County’s social, economic and ecological integrity.

Agricultural Context Study

Preceding the Agriculture Master Plan, the Agricultural Context Study (PDF) provided an overview of the history of agriculture in the region – with a focus on industry trends in the last 25 years.

This assessment examined the existing biophysical resources of the County, producer trends, and the current state of agriculture in the County. The report highlights the land use development context for existing and potential future growth and provides a review of the existing local and provincial legislation affecting development patterns and the agriculture industry.

Agricultural Boundary Design Guidelines

The Agriculture Master Plan identified the need for design guidelines to be created that could address the interface between agricultural and non-agricultural land, and to mitigate any potential conflicts between different land uses.

The Agricultural Boundary Design Guidelines (PDF) were approved by Council in November 2015.


Agricultural Services


To obtain a hard copy of the Agricultural Master Plan, contact Agricultural Services at 403.230.1401.