Council Decisions: March 12, 2024

Here is a summary of the decisions of Rocky View County Council at the March 12, 2024 Council Meeting. This is a general overview of decisions only. Details of the agenda items can be found in the meeting’s agenda and details on the specifics of the decisions can be found in the minutes of this meeting, both on the Meetings & Hearings page. Details are also available by contacting Legislative Services at the County.

General Business

  • Council voted to approve the Terms of Reference and associated budget adjustment to amend the Greater Bragg Creek Area Structure Plan to guide future development and redevelopment within the Hamlet Growth Area. Council also voted to accept the Northern and Regional Economic Development Program grant funding of $200,000 received for background and technical studies to support this project.
  • Council received, for information, a report from Capital & Engineering Services providing a capital road program update highlighting the status of several road improvement projects throughout the County, and directed Administration to engage with Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors for funding on the following projects:
    • Highway 791 (Hwy 567 to Twp Rd 270, 3.2km)
    • Dickson Stevenson Trail & Highway 2A Intersection
    • Signalization of Highway 1A & Lochend Road Intersection
  • Council also approved a budget adjustment of $60,000 from the Road Program Reserve to complete the short-term improvements to the intersection of Bearspaw Road and Burma Road, and directed Administration to amend the capital road program to replace the Bearspaw Road project with Burma Road improvements inclusive of a roundabout at the intersection of Bearspaw Road and Burma Road for 2025.
  • Council voted to approve a budget adjustment for $310,000 from the Road Program Reserve to complete the landscaping along Centre Street in Langdon, including softscape boulevards and landscaped dry ponds.
  • Council received, for information, a report from Asset Management providing a review of access to the Bearspaw Reservoir to accommodate visitors from within the community and adjoining areas via municipal lands in response to the request made by Council at the November 29, 2023 Special Council Meeting. Council directed Administration to collaborate with TransAlta and the City of Calgary to implement the recommendations in the 2019 Bearspaw Reservoir Trilateral Task Force Consensus Report and determine suitable uses and locations for river access, reporting back to Council by the end of Q3 2024.
  • Council voted to approve amendments to Corporate Communications Policy C-190 to enhance the effectiveness and coordination of communication strategies within Rocky View County, including media interactions, branding, and digital media usage. Council also voted to rescind Corporate Social Media Policy C-180 and Media Policy C-192 which are now incorporated into Policy C-190.
  • Council voted to approve revisions to Public Participation Policy C-191 to ensure the County’s continued compliance with section 216.1 of the Municipal Government Act requiring the establishment and regular review of a public participation policy.
  • Council voted to approve a motion first read into the record on March 12, 2024, directing Administration to prepare amendments to the Appeal and Review Panel Bylaw C-7717-2017 that includes changes to the member composition of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board to be comprised of nine Members at Large only. This item will be debated at the April 9, 2024 Council Meeting.

Planning and Development

  • Division 4 – File: PL20230120 (07826004), Bylaw C-8498-2024, Redesignation Item: To assess redesignation of a ± 1.60 hectare (± 3.95 acre) portion of Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 1310193 within SW-26-27-04-W05M from Agricultural, Small Parcel District (p8.1) to Residential, Rural District to facilitate future subdivision of one ± 1.60 hectare (± 3.95 acre) residential lot with a ± 6.56 hectare (± 16.21 acre) agricultural remainder lot. Considered under the County Plan. Refused.
  • Division 3 – File: PL20230138 (06717003), Bylaw C-8490-2024, Road Closure Item: To assess the proposed closure of a portion of undeveloped Road Plan 2479Q along Township Road 262, totaling ± 0.51 hectares (± 1.25 acres) for the purpose of consolidation with the SE-17-26-03-W5M. Considered under Road Allowance Closure and Disposal Policy C-443. First Reading refused.
  • Division 6 – File: PL20230044/PL20230045/PL20230046/PL20230047 (Multiple Lands), Bylaw C-8479-2024, Bylaw C-8480-2024, Bylaw C-8481-2024, and Bylaw C-8482-2024, Local Plan, Local Plan Amendment, Direct Control Amendment, and Redesignation Item: To assess four related planning applications that facilitate future business development within the Janet Area Structure Plan. PL20230044: To adopt the Carmek Business Park Conceptual Scheme to replace the existing Emcor Business Park Conceptual Scheme, to guide future development on a portion of SW 05-24-28-W4M, NW/SW/SE of 32-23-28 W4M, and NE-29-23-28 W4M, and to rescind the Emcor Business Park Conceptual Scheme, as the entire plan will be replaced with the Carmek Business Park Conceptual Scheme. PL20230045: To amend the Canna Park Conceptual Scheme by removing Cell C and D out of the Canna Park Conceptual Scheme and then including them in the proposed Carmek Business Park Conceptual Scheme boundary. PL20230046: To amend Direct Control District 153 by combining Cell B1 and Cell B2 into a single Cell B and amend the regulations for Cell B to facilitate the Carmek Business Park development. PL20230047: To redesignate ± 15.83 hectare (± 39.36 acre) of land from DC-78 to Industrial, Light District, ± 12.56 hectare (± 31.04 acre) from Agricultural, General District to Industrial, Light District, and ± 1.36 hectare (± 3.36 acre) from DC-78 to Special, Public Service District, and to rescind Direct Control Bylaw C-5599-2002, as the entire plan area will be redesignated to other land use districts for different development. Considered under the Janet Area Structure Plan, Emcor Business Park Conceptual Scheme, and Canna Park Conceptual Scheme. Approved.
  • Council voted to approve Bylaw C-8500-2024 to amend Land Use Bylaw C-8000-2020 that would remove the ability to apply for a new Care Facility (Group) use on agricultural or residential parcels. Council also approved the addition of a section to the Land Use Bylaw C-8000-2020 requiring that the following applications be determined by Council, as Development Authority, in agricultural or residential districts:
    • Renewal of any existing Care Facility (Group) temporary development permit.
    • Any development permit applications for a new Care Facility (Group) that are already in process and where a Notice of Decision has not been issued.
  • Division 4 – File: PL20210160 (08603006), Subdivision Item: To assess a proposed subdivision of Block 1, Plan 7410333 within SE-03-28-02-W05M to create a ± 1.68 hectare (± 4.15 acre) parcel, a ± 1.80 hectare (± 4.44 acre) parcel, a ± 1.82 hectare (± 4.51 acre) parcel, and a ± 2.04 hectare (± 5.04 acre) parcel. Considered under the County Plan. Approved.
  • Council voted to approve a time extension agreement request for Development Permit application PRDP20224566 to February 7, 2025, for a Mixed-Use Building, referred to as the Laskin, which includes a drinking establishment, hotel, liquor sales, restaurant and specialty food and beverage facility.

Closed Session

  • Council moved into a closed session to consider the confidential item “CAO Recruitment Process” under Sections 19 and 24 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Council moved back into the public session with no follow up action.

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