Statement from the Reeve on the 2013 Southern Alberta Floods

As we approach the tenth anniversary of the 2013 flood, it's a time for reflection on this momentous event that had a significant impact on Bragg Creek and many other communities within Rocky View County. We acknowledge the strength and resilience of each person affected, many of whom faced the loss of homes, cherished possessions, and a sense of security. Today, we remember these individuals not with despair, but with profound respect and empathy. They have demonstrated inspiring resilience in the face of adversity. 

Our communities did more than just withstand the disaster; they rose and rebuilt. In the words of Bragg Creek Councillor, Kevin Hanson, "Ten years ago, we faced a challenge that tested our resolve. Now, we stand stronger, reflecting the true power of community and resilience. Our story isn't about how we were knocked down, but is about how we stood up, rebuilt, and emerged stronger than before." 

In the aftermath of the floods, Rocky View County made a firm commitment to better prepare for such events in the future. We stand by that promise today. We have not merely rebuilt our communities, but fortified them. We've undertaken considerable flood mitigation projects like the establishment of new flood berms, upstream reservoirs, and advanced monitoring systems. These measures enhance our protection today and prepare us for the future. 

Our commitment extends beyond infrastructure. We understand the critical importance of emergency preparedness. Enhancing our emergency response capability has been a focus, with the development of a secondary emergency access road as a top priority. This road will ensure swift evacuation in emergencies and prepare us for any challenges we may face. 

Emergency preparedness is a shared responsibility, and we are determined to provide our residents with the necessary knowledge and resources to stay safe in any disaster. As part of this commitment, we continue to invest, improve, and innovate to support the safety, prosperity, and spirit of our communities. 

To the residents of Rocky View County, thank you. Your strength and resilience showcase the power of community and inspire us to work diligently each day to ensure your safety and wellbeing. Together, we are prepared. Together, we are resilient. 

Crystal Kissell 
Reeve, Rocky View County 

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