Rocky View County Council Makes Annual Appointments – Selecting New Mayor and New Deputy Mayor

Rocky View County Council held its annual organizational meeting to select a Mayor and Deputy Mayor and make appointments to positions on several boards and committees. 

The meeting began with the selection by Council of Division 3 Councillor Crystal Kissel as Mayor and Division 6 Councillor Sunny Samra as Deputy Mayor. This is the first term as Mayor for Councillor Kissel, who previously served as Deputy Mayor. This is also the first term as Deputy Mayor for Councillor Samra. 

Mayor serves as head of council, and chairs council meetings. Under the County’s system, councillors select a Mayor and Deputy Mayor for one-year terms. 

Council also appointed councillors and public members to various boards and committees. Several of the available positions were advertised in advance, and Council reviewed resumes and applications ahead of Tuesday’s vote. These appointments are from one to four years, and the list of appointees confirmed during the meeting includes: 

Internal Boards and Committees

  1. Subdivision & Development Appeal Board / Enforcement Review Committee
    Public Members: Kerry Hubbauer and Dharminder Premi, with Pip Farrar as an Alternate member.
    Chair: Councillor Kevin Hanson 
  2. Assessment Review Board
    Public Members: Sarita Barrett, Louis Champagne, Pat Rozitis, and Ken Sawatzky 
  3. Governance Committee
    All Councillors are members of this committee
    Chair: Councillor Don Kochan 
  4. Agriculture Service Board / ALUS Partnership Advisory Committee
    Public Member: Angie Bates
  5. Family and Community Support Services Board
    Public Members: Joan Chand'oiseau and Laura Chitwood 
  6. Bragg Creek FireSmart Committee
    Public Member: Peter Scholz 

External Boards and Committees 

  1. Calgary Metropolitan Region Board
    Councillor Kevin Hanson
    Alternate Councillor Representative: Deputy Mayor Samra  

Note that public members may include residents who are appointed to represent a specific geographic area or community, or to represent a partnering agency in the board or committee. The updated lists of board and committee members will be posted on the County’s website at

During the meeting, Council also established the 2023 Council and Committee Meeting calendar. 

For more information on any Rocky View County board or committee, visit the Boards and Committees section. 

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