Conrich Waterline Extension Complete

The Prince of Peace community is now connected to Rocky View County’s east regional water system, with an official ceremony occurring on Monday August 29, 2022.

The community has relied on hauling in potable water from tanker trucks since 2011 to replenish their potable supply reservoir. For over a decade, up to five tanker trucks a day delivered potable water to service the needs of this community. The connection of the Prince of Peace community to the Regional County Network provides a much higher level of water security and long-term sustainability of supply.

The completion of this project is the result of the cumulative hard work, patience, and dedication of multiple stakeholders including: the Prince of Peace Village, Sage Properties, Alberta Environment and Parks, Rocky View County Council and Administration, as well as the consulting and legal firms involved at various stages throughout the project.

L-R: Mayor Kochan, Deputy Mayor Kissel, Councillor Samra

Division 6 Councillor Sunny Samra

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