Social Needs Assessment Underway

Rocky View County is completing a Family and Community Social Needs Assessment to better understand the social needs of its residents, including youth. The information collected will be used in the County’s decision making about Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) funding aimed at enhancing the lives of everyone in the community. The assessment is being conducted through Moorhouse & Associates.

There are two surveys being conducted concurrently:

  • For residents in general, and
  • For youth in our community.

It is important to capture input through separate surveys, as youth and adults have different perceptions, viewpoints and see social issues from a different lens when evaluating their own unique needs and priorities. Data captured by the youth survey will assist to see what gaps are identified in the County for services, programs and support that are important from a youth perspective as opposed to an adult perspective.

Deadline to submit a survey response is Friday, September 30, 2022.

Each survey can be accessed in two ways: online survey or with a QR code via cellphone.

In addition, the project consultant team we will be holding three working sessions as a follow up to the survey. Further details regarding these events will be provided as they become available.

Please contact Rocky View County at if you are looking for further information or have any questions.

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