Audited Financial Statements Show Strong Financial Position

Approved 2021 Audited Financial Statements show Rocky View County in a strong financial position due to careful fiscal management, expense savings, and revenue from increased development in the County.

This past fiscal year, Rocky View County had total assets of over $159 million in cash, investments, and receivables. The County spent $5.6 million in debt servicing in 2021, leaving just over $105 million in liabilities, putting Rocky View County in a strong fiscal position, with net financial assets of nearly $54 million.

“While we anticipate ongoing impacts of inflation, energy prices, and COVID-19, our strong financial position will help to offset these future challenges. Rocky View County will continue to prioritize high quality services at an affordable tax rate,” says Mayor Don Kochan.

The County’s 2021 Audited Financial Statements will be posted at  as soon as a final copy is provided by the auditors.

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