Agribusiness Success in Rocky View County

We are proud of our rural identity at Rocky View County and the innovative world-class farms and businesses that build our agribusiness success story.

To celebrate this story, Rocky View County has partnered with four local agribusinesses to create Agribusiness Success in Rocky View County, a five-minute, documentary-style video featuring Long Run Ranch Beef, Harmony Beef, Souto Farms Local Market, and Gatez Farms.

This video highlights the innovative ways agribusinesses use technology to improve sustainability and maximize yields. It shows how County producers offer on-farm sales direct to the public, and local markets supply customers access to locally produced products.

The video also shows how the County’s agricultural strengths extend beyond the farm to production and retail. Location, workforce, education, and investment potential all contribute to the agricultural success of Rocky View County.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Rocky View County’s Agribusiness Success story.

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