Emergency Management Exercise concluded in Bragg Creek

Rocky View County, Tsuut'ina Nation, and the Canadian Red Cross thank the Hamlet of Bragg Creek for its participation during the April 21 Emergency Management Exercise.

The exercise replicated a wildfire response from emergency personnel, who implemented the evacuation plan for the greater Bragg Creek area. This exercise offered Rocky View County, Tsuut'ina Nation, the Canadian Red Cross, and other partners the opportunity to practise a joint response and determine challenges and opportunities within emergency management and evacuation plans

“A natural disaster can strike at any time. Planned training exercises are essential to ensure we are ready and coordinated to offer residents the assistance they need during a real emergency. Thank you to the staff and volunteers from all participating groups for your work to ensure emergency preparedness throughout the County.” — Rocky View County Mayor Don Kochan

An emergency can happen at any time. Rocky View County residents are encouraged to prepare by:

  • signing up for emergency alerts through the County’s Safe and Sound System
  • building and maintaining emergency kits
  • creating an emergency plan and practising the plan with your family
  • reviewing insurance policies to ensure sufficient coverage is available to protect your family and property

Quick facts

  • Emergency management is designed to protect life, property, and the environment through a unified and coordinated response to emergencies.
  • Other partner organizations participating in the exercise include: The Salvation Army, St. John Ambulance, Team Rubicon Canada, and Animal Emergency Task Force.

Emergency Exercise Locations

  • Emergency Command Centre (ECC): Located at Rocky View County Hall, this centre serves as the centralized location of emergency response and recovery support, helping to coordinate on-the-ground operations. The ECC will collect, gather, and analyze data, make decisions that protect life and property, and circulate decisions to all concerned agencies and individuals. The ECC will be run by the Rocky View County Emergency Management Program. 
  • Incident Command Post (ICP): Located in the parking lot of the Bragg Creek Community Centre, the Incident Command Post is the primary location for on-scene incident command and management. Fire Crews from Rocky View County, Redwood Meadows, Tsuut'ina Nation, Crossfield, Cochrane, Mountain View County, and Wheatland County will be joined at the ICP with emergency management personnel, the RCMP, Canada Task Force 2, The Salvation Army, and Team Rubicon Canada. 
  • Evacuation Centre: Located at the Springbank Park for All Seasons, the mock evacuation centre provides a location away from the emergency for evacuees to gather and receive supports. This centre will be supported during the event by members of the Canadian Red Cross, St. John Ambulance, and the Animal Emergency Task Force. 

Timeline of Events

  • 8:00 - Command Post Setup at the Bragg Creek Community Centre 
  • 9:30 - Evacuation Centre Opens at the Springbank Park for All Seasons
  • 13:00 - Bragg Creek and Springbank exercise concludes 
  • 14:00 - Exercise debrief at Rocky View County Hall 

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