Springbank Off-stream Reservoir Construction Update

Planned Tree and Shrub Clearing

Targeted tree and shrub clearing will begin as early as February 8 and continue through March 2022, in the following quarter sections as part of site preparation for the Springbank Off-stream Reservoir Project (SR1). See map for details.

  • NE 03-024-04 W5M
  • NE/SW/SE 10-024-04 W5M
  • SW/NW 14-024-04 W5M
  • SE 23-024-04 W5M
  • NE 13-024-04 W5M
  • NW/NE 18-24-3 W5M
  • SW/SE 19-24-3 W5M
  • SW/NW 26-24-04 W5M
  • SE/NE 27-24-04 W5M

All work will be completed in accordance with the Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994, the Alberta Wildlife Act (GOA 2000), and all other approvals, authorizations, and permits.

In most areas, tree and shrub clearing will be conducted using machines including a mulcher and excavator. Trucks and ATVs will also be in the vicinity supporting this work. Trees and shrubs directly adjacent to buildings, along the Elbow River (where the diversion inlet and floodplain berm will be located) will be cleared using hand tools. No permanent or temporary structures will be affected; only trees and shrubs will be removed.

Timeline of Tree and Shrub Clearing

Tree and shrub clearing is expected to be completed before the end of March, while the ground is still frozen. Tree and shrub clearing activities will take place Monday to Sunday between 7:30 a.m. and 6 p.m., weather permitting.

Noise Complaints

All noise complaints can be directed to Alberta Transportation or a site representative will respond to all complaints within 48 hours.

Project Summary

The Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir will provide flood protection along the Elbow River in Calgary and other downstream communities as part of an overall flood mitigation system.

For more information and to stay informed as construction continues:

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