Prince of Peace Village Water Pipeline Update

Rocky View County has heard from the residents of Prince of Peace Village regarding concerns of the water main pipeline construction in the area. We understand this project is a valued addition to the community, and we remain involved in the process to ensure it can be completed in a timely manner. 

We’ve heard many concerns on what the ongoing rezoning applications by the developer may mean for the community and we’re committed to ensuring the public process for rezoning is fair and transparent and brings value to all Rocky View residents. 

It’s important to note that the water pipeline project is a shared financial responsibility. The County has completed our portion with provincial funding. The remaining connection to the Prince of Peace Village is the responsibility of the developer based on a previously approved subdivision application. Any tax, related to the local improvements requested through petition by the residents, will only be imposed once the improvements have been installed and water service is being provided by the County. 

The County understands that these delays with the developer may cause added stress. In our commitment to provide a fair and transparent process, County administration we will be meeting with residents on Tuesday February 1, 2022, to discuss further details

Mayor Don Kochan
Rocky View County

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