Rocky View County Council Elects Mayor and Deputy Mayor, Along With Boards and Committees Appointments

Rocky View County’s new council was sworn in Tuesday by Judge Margaret Keelaghan, QC, and then conducted the first orders of business with more than 40 appointments to various County boards and committees.

The meeting began with the selection by council of Division 2 Councillor Don Kochan as Mayor and Division 3 Councillor Crystal Kissel as Deputy Mayor. The Mayor serves as head of council, and chairs council meetings. The Mayor appointment is for two years and Deputy Mayor appointment is for one year.

County councillors received applications for board and committee membership in advance, and reviewed the merits of each applicant before voting on the appointments during Tuesday’s meeting. These appointments are from one to four years, and the list of appointees confirmed during the meeting includes:

Internal Boards and Committees

  1. Subdivision & Development Appeal Board / Enforcement Review Committee
    Council Member: Crystal Kissel
    Public Members: Robert Doherty, Moire Dunn, Nicholas Wiebe (Alternate)
    Chair: Deputy Mayor Crystal Kissel
  2. Assessment Review Board
    Public Member: Nicholas Wiebe
  3. Agriculture Service Board / ALUS Partnership Advisory Committee
    Council Members: Greg Boehlke, Sunny Samra, Samanntha Wright
    Public Member: Trevor Birchall, Leisa Gallelli
    Chair: Councillor Greg Boehlke
  4. Family and Community Support Services Board
    Council Members: Al Schule, Samanntha Wright
    Public Members: Beverly Copithorne, Kara Eklund, Jung-Suk Ryu
    Chair: Councillor Samanntha Wright
  5. Bragg Creek FireSmart Committee
    Council Member: Kevin Hanson
    Chair: Councillor Kevin Hanson
  6. Municipal Planning Commission
    Council Members: Greg Boehlke, Don Kochan, Kevin Hanson, Sunny Samra, Al Schule, Samanntha Wright
    Chair: Councillor Kevin Hanson
  7. Recreation Governance Committee
    Council Members: Greg Boehlke, Kevin Hanson, Crystal Kissel, Don Kochan, Sunny Samra, Al Schule, Samanntha Wright
    Chair: Councillor Sunny Samra
  8. Emergency Advisory Committee
    The Chief Administrative Officer is the designated Chair of the Emergency Advisory Committee without the need for appointment, and the Mayor is the designated Vice-Chair without the need for appointment.
    Council Members: Greg Boehlke; Kevin Hanson, Crystal Kissel; Al Schule, Samanntha Wright

External Boards and Committees

  1. Calgary Metropolitan Region Board
    Councillor Kevin Hanson
    Alternate Councillor Representative: Don Kochan
  2. Marigold Library Board
    Public Member: Nicholas Wiebe
  3. Aqua 7 Water Commission
    Council Member: Greg Boehlke
  4. Intermunicipal Committee - Municipal District of Bighorn
    Council Members: Crystal Kissel; Samanntha Wright
  5. Intermunicipal Committee - Kneehill County
    Council Member: Greg Boehlke
    Alternate Councillor Representative: Sunny Samra
  6. Intermunicipal Committee - Mountain View County
    Council Members: Greg Boehlke, Crystal Kissel, Samanntha Wright
  7. Intermunicipal Committee - Wheatland County
    Council Members: Greg Boehlke, Sunny Samra
  8. Spray Lake Sawmills Recreation Parks Society
    Council Member: Kevin Hanson
  9. Springbank Park for All Seasons Agricultural Society
    Council Member: Kevin Hanson
  10. Chestermere Regional Community Association
    Council Member: Sunny Samra
  11. K.I.B.A. Beiseker Seed Cleaning Plant
    Council Member: Greg Boehlke
  12. Rocky View Foundation
    Council Members: Kevin Hanson, Al Schule
  13. Calgary Rural Primary Care Network - Chestermere Physician Recruitment Committee
    Council Members: Sunny Samra

Note that public members may include residents who are appointed to represent a specific geographic area or community, or to represent a partnering agency in the board or committee.

For more information on any Rocky View County board or committee, visit the Boards and Committees section.

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