County Addressing Spruce Budworm Concerns in Bragg Creek

Over the last few years, an infestation of spruce budworm has been detected on trees in and around Bragg Creek. Spruce budworm is a native moth which primarily attacks spruce (white, black, Colorado) and balsam fir trees in Alberta. It is a wasteful feeder on current year needles. Learn more about how to identify spruce budworm and how to manage this harmful insect.

Rocky View County is conducting a survey in early June to estimate the spruce budworm population density in and around the hamlet of Bragg Creek. This survey will help determine where pheromone-baited traps will be set later in June, and will be used to assess future risk of the spruce budworm. The survey results will also be used to determine the best approach for future management of the spruce budworm infestation.

If you have any questions or concerns about this matter, please contact Rocky View County Agricultural Services at or phone 403-230-1401.

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