Amendment to Bylaw for Code of Conduct Complaints

Rocky View County Council has approved changes to its Council Code of Conduct Bylaw to clarify the process for dealing with potential violations and introduce checks against frivolous complaints.

Council changed the Informal Complaint Process to make it specific to matters witnessed by councillors, and to allow issues to be discussed by Council as a whole if both the reeve and deputy reeve are involved in the complaint. Previously, the Council Code of Conduct Bylaw allowed either the reeve or deputy reeve to provide assistance on an informal complaint, but did not address matters where both officials might be involved.

Council similarly voted to only allow Formal Complaints to be filed by councillors, and not directly by members of the public.  A new process was put in place to deal with pubic complaints that is designed to help eliminate specious grievances.

Public complaints must now be filed with the reeve or deputy reeve, who will bring the matter to Council for review and a determination of whether action is justified. If Council recommends action, the regular processes in the Council Code of Conduct Bylaw will be followed.

Adjustments to the informal and formal complaint processes, and adding a section specifically for complaints from the public, provides better overall clarity of how potential issues are dealt with.

The Municipal Government Act requires councils to have and follow a code of conduct bylaw, but the Act respects the autonomy of councils to govern themselves and enforce their own conduct.

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