A Dog’s Tale

Woof! I’m a Labrador Retriever living in Rocky View County with my human owners. We canines think we’ve won the hearts and minds of Rocky Viewers since, on average, we are found in one of every three homes across the County. And we can’t think of a better place to live.

There are a few steps my owner can take to protect me and help me find my way home if I become lost. First, make sure that I have a licence. Every pooch in the County should have one – it helps ensure that if I or any of my other licensed buddies wander off and become lost, we can be returned home if found.

Next, make sure my tag is around my neck at all times. Then if I’m found wandering far from home, the County can use my tag’s number to track you down and reunite me with you. Lastly, keep your contact information up to date with the County’s dog licence department – including when you get a new cell phone number and when you move to a different home in the County.

With a licence, tag, and current contact information on file with the County, I will have a paw up on enjoying your company for many years to come.

Visit our Dogs & Pets webpage for more information.

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