Intelligent Growth

Message from CAO Al Hoggan

Late last year, I decided to play a lead role in Rocky View County’s economic development activities. As you may know, Rocky View County is the envy of many Alberta municipalities for our strong balance of residential and commercial development, which allows us to keep taxes low and our economy stable.

Although the County has seen tremendous success in the past, and continues to see a strong present, we’re not immune from the economic conditions facing Alberta.

Many of the things the County buys to provide service to residents—from fire trucks to road salt—are going up in price at sometimes double or triple the rate of inflation. That leaves us with three options:

  • Cut services
  • Raise taxes
  • Encourage growth

Council has clearly indicated through its Strategic Plan that “growing intelligently” is one of our paths to success. By aggressively pursuing the right industrial and commercial development, and ensuring strong, well-planned residential development, we can continue to grow the assessment base and provide Rocky Viewers with the services they demand at property tax rates they can afford.

My team is working to reduce red tape at the County, while still ensuring that Council maintains the proper oversight of the municipality. We’re supporting Council on rewriting policies to ensure they provide sound and clear direction. And we’re ensuring that the County is known to be “open for business.” That doesn’t mean anything goes – it means businesses that are a good fit for the County will find a clear, fair, and supportive path to success as they join the Rocky View County family.

We only need to look to some of our municipal neighbours to see what happens when there’s no economic growth. So far, we’ve been able to avoid the negative consequences that residents of those municipalities are facing. Under Council’s direction, intelligent growth in Rocky View County will help keep it that way.

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