Agriculture Producers Exempt from 2020 Road Ban

In an effort to mitigate the impact of a difficult 2019 harvest season, Rocky View County Council has voted on a one-time road ban exemption for agricultural producers.

Farmers who need to remove unharvested crops from their fields are asked to contact the County by emailing or by calling 403-230-1401 to register and receive exemption details.

The exemption applies to the hauling of grain, oilseeds, and straw only; all other agricultural hauling remains subject to the annual spring road ban restrictions.

The County implements road bans each spring when roads are most vulnerable to damage from thawing and water runoff. The bans are based on the vehicle weight the roadway can sustain, and bans are usually removed when roadbeds firm up in early June.

The weather last fall had an impact on agricultural operations throughout the County, with about seven per cent of fields unharvested. Although that number is small overall, the unharvested fields are concentrated in certain areas, particularly on the west side of the County, and can have significant impacts on individual farms.

The exemption will permit agricultural producers to use 100 per cent of the Alberta allowable seasonal axle weights on roads under the authority of Rocky View County. The exemption does not apply to highways or secondary highways, which are controlled by the Province.

The County will monitor any damage done to roadways as a result of the one-time exemption, and report back to Council. That information will be used to assess any future possible exemptions to road bans.

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