Assessment Notices Mailed

Rocky View County has now mailed Assessment Notices to property owners.

Alberta continues to face challenging economic conditions, but Rocky View County remains a very stable place to live, do business, and own property. The latest assessments show about a 1.4 percent decrease in overall residential property values, while overall business and commercial property values are unchanged.

The assessment on any single property may go up, down, or remain the same based on market conditions in the specific area of the County, and on any changes to the property, such as adding a garage or building addition.

The Assessment Notices sent are for 2019 values, which are used to help determine the 2020 property tax rates that will be set by Council in April. Property owners have until Monday, March 30, 2020 to review their notice, discuss any concerns with a County assessor, and file a dispute notice if they feel their assessment is not correct.

Property owners can discuss their assessment concerns in person at County Hall during regular business hours, by phone at 403-230-1401, or by emailing

For more information on reviewing your notice of assessment, and for useful assessment information visit our Assessment section.

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