Mid-Year Financials Show County on Track

Council has received the mid-year financial statements for Rocky View County, showing the County’s continued financial stability.

The unaudited 2019 mid-year (second quarter) financial statements provide a look at the County’s balance sheet and positions on revenue, expenditures, capital budgets, investments, debt, and reserves. Rocky View County continues to be in a strong financial position, demonstrating fiscal responsibility and effective cash flow management.

The County’s revenue and expenses are on track, with strong cash reserves for the near future and funding for a significant list of long-term capital projects, including Bragg Creek flood mitigation, a new Langdon fire hall, upgrades to the East Rocky View waste water treatment plant, road and bridge projects, fire fighting equipment, and more.

The County has continued to contribute to its reserve funds to ensure long-term stability. The municipal balance sheet remains strong thanks to careful spending that focuses on priority areas as identified by Council in their Strategic Plan.

Rocky View County’s financial statements and budget can be seen on the Budget & Finance section of this website.

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