Major Milestones Reached for Bragg Creek Flood Mitigation Project

Rocky View County has reached two major milestones in efforts to protect the Hamlet of Bragg Creek from flooding along the Elbow River.

On June 11, the County received approval from Alberta Environment and Parks under The Water Act, which will allow the Bragg Creek Flood Mitigation Project to move forward. Receiving approval under this comprehensive Provincial process, which included First Nations consultations, is a major step forward for the project.

This month, the County also completed the purchase of all land needed to construct the flood barrier structures that will mitigate future flooding.

The two accomplishments allow Rocky View County to begin the tendering process for the project. Before construction can begin, the County must still receive federal approval from Fisheries and Oceans Canada, which is expected by mid-summer. If that approval is granted when expected, and if there are no appeals of the Water Act approval, residents can expect to see construction start by September.

The hamlet of Bragg Creek is subject to regular flooding, with significant events being recorded as early as 1915. In recognition of this long-standing risk, the Government of Alberta agreed to provide just over $32 million in funding for flood mitigation for the community, and asked the County to manage the project.

The Bragg Creek Flood Mitigation Project is independent of any decisions on flood mitigation for the city of Calgary, such as the investigation of structures at McLean Creek, Springbank, and others. The barriers will offer protection to the Bragg Creek community no matter which option the provincial government eventually chooses.

It is currently estimated that the flood barrier structures will be completed late in 2021, including reclamation and site clean up. Background information about the project can be found by searching Bragg Creek Flood Mitigation at

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