Council Lowers 2019 Property Tax Increase

Rocky View County Council has voted to reduce the 2019 property tax increase from 3 percent to 2 percent. The reduction is possible due to an anticipated budget surplus, resulting from lower spending by the County and revenues from investments and fees, plus the withdrawal of $34,525 from the County’s Tax Stabilization Fund.

For a residential homeowner with an average property value of $958,000, the 2019 tax increase will be $25.56 for the year. Homeowners with a lower assessed value on their property will see a smaller increase, while homeowners with a higher assessed value will see a larger increase. The total amount of taxes owed is also influenced by the year-over-year change in a property’s assessed value.

Residential taxes contribute 46 percent of the County’s tax revenues, while non-residential taxes make up 54 percent. The County sets the tax rate each year through the tax rate bylaw.

The County also collects school taxes on behalf of the Province of Alberta and a seniors’ lodging requisition on behalf of the Rocky View Foundation. Both of these tax rates are set by each respective entity and billed through local property taxes. Ratepayers can find the amount of each tax allocation on their itemized tax notice.

Property tax notices will be mailed in mid-May, with payment due by June 30.

For more information visit the Tax section.

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