Council Decisions: March 26, 2019

Here is a brief summary of the decisions of Rocky View County Council at the March 26, 2019 Council Meeting. This is a general overview of decisions only. Details of the agenda items can be found in the meeting agenda, and details on the specifics of the decisions can be found in the minutes of this meeting, both on the Council Minutes & Archives page. Details are also available by contacting the County’s Municipal Clerk’s Office.

General Business

  • Council voted to set the appraised value of land for a Road Closure of an undeveloped road allowance at Highway 22X at Range Road 281 at $5,000. This amount, plus applicable closing costs, will be paid by the applicant should they wish to proceed with the closure.
  • Council approved the 2019 Master Rates Bylaw. This bylaw set the fees the County charges for its full range of services, including planning applications, water and wastewater fees, cemetery markers, commercial fireworks permits, and more. Council voted to remove the application fees for dog licenses and replacement tags. The new fees apply on May 1, 2019.
  • Council directed Administration to proceed with a Benefits Analysis to investigate the possibility of becoming a Specialized Municipality under the Alberta Municipal Government Act. Specialized Municipalities have more flexibility in governance, which may benefit Rocky View County with its large land area and mix of hamlet, agricultural, and country residential areas. The Benefits Analysis report is targeted to be complete in the fall of 2019. If Council chooses to pursue Specialized Municipality status before the next municipal election cycle, public consultation would be held and a submission made to the provincial government by June 2020.
  • Council voted to donate a surplus 1991 GMC Fire Truck to the Rotary Clubs of Airdrie and Lethbridge Sunrise. The Rotary Clubs will, in turn, donate the fire truck to a Mexican community in need.
  • Council issued a special permit to allow a County employee to operate a Utility Task Vehicle on Langdon roads to facilitate water utility maintenance. Such vehicles require special permission to operate on public roadways.
  • Council approved funding of $3.8 million for upgrades to the East Balzac Waste Water Treatment Plant to increase treatment capacity by 2,200 cubic meters per day. Over time, the increase capacity would generate approximately $25 million in water levy payments and $41.5 million in wastewater levy payments. This funding is in addition to $3 million committed to the facility’s enhancement in 2015, aimed at increasing capacity by 1,000 cubic meters per day. The design supported by that 2015 funding has subsequently been found to be inadequate.
  • Council approved a two-year extension of the time frame for a Development Agreement for Off-Site Improvements at the Copithorne Gravel Pit, west of Township Road 242 and Range Road 45.

Planning & Development

  • Division 9 – File PL20170160 (06612058), Bylaw C-7794-2018, Re-designation Item: Ranch and Farm District to Public Services District. Considered under the County Plan. Refused.
  • Division 5 – File PL20180040 (05330007), Bylaw C7859-2019, Re-designation Item: Farmstead District to Business Industrial Campus and Residential One District Outside of a Business Area. Considered under the County Plan. First Reading was granted on February 26, 2019, with Administration directed to amend the re-designation to provide a time limit on the land use designation. The amended re-designation was Approved.

In Camera

  • Council moved In Camera to discuss the County-owned Chestermere Recreation Centre under Sections 24 and 25 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. There was no report or decision from the discussion.

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