Council Approves 2019 Master Rates

Rocky View County Council has voted to approve the 2019 Master Rates Bylaw which outlines the fees the County charges for services. The new fee schedule comes into effect on May 1, 2019.

Over 95 percent of the County's fees were unchanged from 2018.  For those fees that are changed, highlights include:

  • Dog licence and lost dog tag fees are being eliminated.
  • Langdon waste and recycling collection fees will increase by $2.40/month.
  • Langdon sewer service rates will increase by approximately $1.00/month.
  • Bragg Creek water rates will increase by an average of $3.00/month.
  • Bragg Creek sewer rates will increase by an average of $7.80/month.
  • East Rocky View sewer rates will increase by an average of $2.40/month.
  • The building permit renewal fee for the first renewal granted one year after the original permit will decrease to $160. The renewal fee for the second year and beyond will remain at 37% of the original permit fee.
  • Most cemetery fees will increase by 3%.

While dog licence fees will be eliminated, all pet owners will still be required to licence their dog(s) annually. Under the County’s Animal Control Bylaw, the fine for an unlicensed dog is $150.

All County fees are reviewed annually and adjusted as needed to recover costs. Rate increases for 2019 were carefully considered and only applied where service delivery costs have changed.

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