Council Decisions: February 26, 2019

Here is a brief summary of the decisions of Rocky View County Council at the February 26, 2019 Council Meeting. This is a general overview of decisions only. Details of the agenda items can be found in the meeting’s agenda, and details on the specifics of the decisions can be found in the minutes of this meeting, both on the Council Minutes & Archives page. Details are also available by contacting the County’s Municipal Clerk’s Office.

General Business

  • Council voted to receive for information the Audit Service Plan for the independent audit of the County’s 2018 financial statements. The Audit Service Plan is a normal part of the provincially-mandated audit process. The independent auditor is MNP LLP, and they will now begin the auditing process.
  • Council directed Administration to commence Phase I of the Internet Servicing Strategy, which seeks to clarify expectations of any possible County involvement in service provision, and to determine the current state of service throughout the County.
  • Council directed Administration to hold a public consultation session on the County’s Firearms Bylaw to inform the public of the contents of the bylaw and seek feedback on any potential future changes.
  • Council directed Administration to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Airdrie RCMP to see the County-funded Enhanced Policing Position assume duties in the detachment’s Crime Reduction Unit.
  • Council approved a minor change to the Agricultural Service Board Terms of Reference to ensure that changes Council made at the January 8, 2019 Council meeting could be enacted.
  • Council voted to write a letter to Alberta Transportation in support of a speed limit reduction at the Highway 22 and Highway 1 interchange. It is proposed that the speed in both directions on Highway 22 be reduced from 80 km/hr to 60 km/hr through the intersection to improve safety.
  • Council voted to add $150,000 to the County’s budget from the Tax Stabilization Fund to complete a targeted review of the County Plan.
  • Council voted to waive the normal security deposits collected from developers for a road improvement project on Township Road 240, as the work is being undertaken by the City of Chestermere.
  • Council approved a Board and Committee Code of Conduct Bylaw to establish ethical standards for members of the County’s various boards and committees.

Planning & Development

  • Division 4 – File PL20180033 (03311001/02/03/04/03314001/02), Bylaw C 7858 2019, Re-designation Item: Ranch and Farm District – Site Specific Amendment. First and Second Readings were received at the February 12 Council Meeting. Third (Final) Reading was approved.
  • Division 8 – File PL20170033/34 (06711002/030), Bylaw C 7849-2018, Conceptual Scheme Item – Indigo Hills Conceptual Scheme. Considered under the County Plan and Bearspaw Area Structure Plan. Related to the item below. First and Second Readings were received at the February 12 Council Meeting. Third (Final) Reading was approved.
  • Division 8 – File PL20170035 (06711002/030), Further Consideration of Bylaw C 7850-2018, Re-designation Item: Ranch and Farm (with Asterix) District to Residential One District. Related to the item above. First and Second Readings were received at the February 12 Council Meeting. Third (Final) Reading was approved.
  • Division 6 – File PL20180125, Bylaw C-7865-2019, Road Closure Item: Closure and Consolidation of Two Portions of Undeveloped Road Allowance Known as Range Road 264. Received First Reading. The proposed road closure will now be forwarded to the Alberta Minister of Transportation for approval before Council considers additional readings.
  • Division 5 – File PL20180040 (05330007), Bylaw C-7859-2019, Re-designation Item: Farmstead District to Business Industrial Campus and Residential One District, Outside of a Business Area. Considered under the County Plan. Received First Reading. Council directed Administration to prepare amendments to the bylaw that would limit the time the new Land Use is in place. The amended bylaw will be considered for additional readings at a future Council meeting.
  • Division 7 – File PL20170172 (06518006), Bylaw C-7856-2018: Re-designation Item: Residential Two to Residential One District to accommodate two, two-acre lots. Considered under the County Plan and the Rocky View County/Calgary Intermunicipal Development Plan. Approved.
  • Division 4 – File PL20150116 (03218008/8020/9019/9035), Bylaw C-7674-2017: Re-designation Item: Fragmented Country Residential – Agricultural Holdings District to Residential Two District. Considered under the County Plan. First Reading was passed on June 12, 2018. Approved.


  • Division 9 – File PL20180070 (06832001), Subdivision Item: Four Lots, Residential Three District. Considered under the Cochrane North Area Structure Plan. Approved by the Subdivision Authority.

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