Decisions Issued on Omni Area Structure Plan

Rocky View County and the City of Calgary have received a ruling from the Municipal Government Board on the future of commercial lands on the border of the two municipalities.

The lands are located on Calgary’s eastern boundary, northwest of the hamlet of Conrich. The area is covered by the County’s 68-page Omni Area Structure Plan, which was approved by Council in September of 2017. Rocky View County worked with the City of Calgary throughout the process of developing the plan, which calls for a high quality, comprehensively designed commercial area.

Certain areas of the plan could not be resolved through negotiation, and the City of Calgary appealed the plan to the Province’s Municipal Government Board (MGB) on the grounds of its impact to the city. The MGB released a decision on the appeal on December 18, 2018.

The MGB ruled that 185 acres (0.75 square kilometers) of commercial development could proceed as detailed in the County’s Omni Area Structure Plan.

“This is very positive for regional economic development,” says Rocky View County Reeve Greg Boehlke. “The County continues to see growth in our commercial and industrial areas, which creates construction jobs and long-term employment.”

Rocky View County, with a total population of just under 40,000, brought over 2,500 new jobs to the municipality in 2018 alone.

“Those jobs are filled by people living in almost all of the 13 municipalities that border Rocky View County. Our ongoing success is a good-news story for everyone in the Calgary region,” Boehlke says.

The remaining development phases in the Omni Area Structure Plan are to be designated as a Special Study Area, and will undergo detailed transportation studies and work to bring the plan into the framework of the Calgary Metropolitan Region Growth Plan (CMRGP). The CMRGP is a provincially-mandated master planning document for municipalities in the Calgary region. Currently, area municipalities are operating under an interim growth plan, with the final plan due by the end of 2020.

“Rocky View County always strives to be a good neighbour. We follow the principles of sound regional planning and inter-municipal co-operation, and we respect the concerns of the municipalities we border. We are committed to our leadership role in working with others, and look forward to moving forward on the approved areas of the Omni Area Structure Plan,” Reeve Boehlke says.

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