Council Approves 2019 Budget

Rocky View County Council has approved the 2019 operating and capital budget.

The average residential property owner will pay $5.95 a month extra in 2019, based on an average property value of $948,000. That represents a three percent rise. The actual amount each landowner’s taxes will increase or decrease will depend on the assessed value of their property.

Non-residential property taxes for businesses or commercial enterprises in the County will also increase by three percent on average. The County’s business environment remains strong, and none of the non-residential tax bill was transferred to residential landowners, nor did the County use “rainy day” funds to reduce the amount.

Council approved an operating budget of $141,261,000, and a capital budget of $52,322,800.

The 2019 budget continues Rocky View County’s long-standing tradition of having low residential property tax rates, and non-residential property tax rates that are highly competitive.

Visit to see an overview of the 2019 Budget, as well as the full budget document.

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